Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Branding FAQs

Why are we using this branding? 

Our refreshed global look and feel is an evolution of our existing branding which reflects our global presence. The refreshed branding originated from the need for a unified identity for our global collaborative network of grassroots, expert organisations. Our new look crosses borders and boundaries and will help us to create stronger connections and enhance our global abilities.

What elements does the branding include? 

The elements that have been refreshed are our logo, chapter logos, new fonts, colour palette, a supporting library of icons, and office-based templates. Our global websites and marketing materials will be updated with the refreshed look during this time.  

The refreshed brand was provided pro-bono from USA based design agency Chandelier, with additional templates provided by Creative Design, UK.

What is mandatory to use on branded website, collateral and products? 

  • Our colour palette, logo and fonts, images are mandatory.

What is not mandatory? 

  • Our library of icons supports our branding and can be used to supplement your design work and in internal documentation.  
  • The use of templates like PowerPoint slides and Word templates are optional, however, we encourage the use of these templates to demonstrate a base level of unification. As a Chapter, you are able to localise templates within the boundaries of the brand guidelines. Examples of this would be using local images and language variations. If you plan a significant departure from the agreed templates, please chat to Global first.

Depicting chimps with humans 

A note on our logo: whilst we do not encourage humans to interact with wild animals, the reaching out of the chimpanzee to the child symbolises our close connection and special relationship. 

What’s available? 

Basic elements 

  • JGI logo 
  • Chapter logos 
  • Fonts 
  • Colour palette
  • Icons 

Templates (these are all optional, to help you with your day-to-day work) 

  • Letterhead – with fade header 
  • Letterhead – without fade option 
  • Agenda 
  • Word document – plain and without fade header 
  • Word document – with fade and strapline
  • Email signature 
  • Annual report format 
  • Poster templates. 

Image library 

In the image library, you’ll find a number of images which can be used for your communications. Please note, you must credit these images each time you use them. What’s available;

  • Images from USA Media Valet (it is mandatory to credit images from this section).
  • Additional images will be provided from our network. If you would like to provide any images, please let the Global team know.  

Working with external designers 

If you are working with external designers for your work, they can access all branding elements and guidance here: Jane Goodall Institute Branding