We work across many different countries so it is important to try and maintain consistency where possible.

Our new design toolkit will allow you apply the new Jane Goodall branding. This might be as simple as replacing the old logo with the new one and tweaking the colours to match our colour palette. If you wanted to take this further, you could also add some of the great photography and icons that we have.

All of these assets can be found under the relevant menu navigation title or collectively under the Staff Section.

Our branding helps to bring us all closer together as an institute and reinforce our core messages.


There are several changes that can be made that will bring your website into line with our new branding.

The Jane Goodall Institute logo can be added to your website and should appear on a white background wherever possible.

Remember to use the colour palette to add more of our branding to your website. Pull-out text, headings, section backgrounds and donation buttons should all use our colours to stay on-brand.

The font on your website (for pull-out text, headings and body-copy) should be changed to Spartan. This is available as a download from the ‘Fonts’ heading above.

We have some great, professional images. Please take a look at our ‘Photography’ section to find some shots that work with your website.