Hope happens in color. 

We want our colors to capture the optimism, passion, and inspiration that drives the organization… together with a palette that draws from the natural world and is inspired by nature. From green forest earth tones to the brown earth, and blue sky. 

We have a carefully selected palette of colours. These colours all reflect the themes that run through our communications and will help to give your design work a consistent feel throughout.

We also love white. Don’t forget to use white to give your creative briefs a feeling of fresh, open space.

Each colour listed here has the screen, CMYK print and Pantone colours for your reference.

Dense Jungle
Hex: 294A3E
Pantone (Coated): 4210c
Pantone (Uncoated): 5535u
Pantone (FHI Cotton): 9-6050 TCX

Shallow Water
Hex: CCE4D3
Pantone (Coated): 621c
Pantone (Uncoated): 621u
Pantone (FHI Cotton): 12-5504 TCX

Hex: 7F533F
Pantone (Coated): 4705c
Pantone (Uncoated): 175u
Pantone (FHI Cotton): 18-1242 TCX

Deep Forest
Hex: 4C704A
Pantone (Coated): 7743c
Pantone (Uncoated): 2273u
Pantone (FHI Cotton): 18-6320 TCX

Electric Moss
Pantone (Coated): 580c
Pantone (Uncoated): 580u

Hex: D8665C
Pantone (Coated): 2448c
Pantone (Uncoated): 2348u
Pantone (FHI Cotton): 18-1649 TCX

Hex: 94BB60
Pantone (Coated): 2276c
Pantone (Uncoated): 4212u
Pantone (FHI Cotton): 14-0233 TCX

Hex: 78633B
Pantone (Coated): 7560c
Pantone (Uncoated): 140u
Pantone (FHI Cotton): 18-0830 TCX

Rose Quartz
Hex: F1DAC1
Pantone (Coated): 475c
Pantone (Uncoated): 2309u
Pantone (FHI Cotton): 12-0710 TCX